Occasional Wear Collections

Occasional Wear Collections

Vania-Couture offers a range of modern and elegant occasional dresses. Our collection dresses include a range of Bridesmaid, Evening Wear, Red carpet events, Ball Gowns, Prom dresses and other occasion outfits.

Vania-Couture currently works with renowned European designer Andreia Lobato who has many years of experience and an extensive collection which boasts fashionable and extraordinary designs.

Occasional wear dresses start on average from £300. However, we will do our best to accommodate your budgets.

My Sweet Collection

2015-2016 Collection

Love Me Collection

2015 Love Me Collection

Kiss Me

Sweet and soft as a kiss...


Elegant Collection was inspired by elegant and feminine woma...


Charisma Collection, inspired by Romance and Glamour

Gold & Silver

Gold Silver Collection represents Passion and Glamour