Terms & Conditions

Ordering System:

On completion of your consultation process and confirmation to us that you wish to proceed, your creative proposal will be presented to you within one or two weeks (Unless advised by the consultant that there is backlog)

Initial deposit of 50% is required once you have received designs and approved them.

We usually recommend a 7/8 months contact with us prior to the event on bridal wear an 3/4 months on other events.

Once you have approved the designs you will be presented with a Gantt chart which will show the fitting times, pictures of dress development and prediction of delivery date.


If you require any alterations to your gown that is not on the original design this will be chargeable and you must pay the additional costs.

Should you lose or gain weight after measurements have taken place, this again will be at your cost. We can only make a dress to a size that we take the measurements for on that day and it is the responsibility of each individual to maintain not just their weight but their actual size.

Measurements and Maintaining Sizes:

Your weight or size must be maintained and this is the responsibility of the customer.

Your dress will be made to exact measurements that are taken on the time of ordering. The amount of alterations to gowns will be recommended, however, if client insists of a fit tighter than recommended, we will not be responsible. Equally, we do not accept responsibility for gowns not fitting when collected due to clients change in weight or any other reason beyond our control. During Fittings, shoes and underwear must be the ones intended for the event day.

Payment System:

A deposit of 50% will be requested at the start of the process once the designs have been completed and approved by the client.

The remainder 50% can be paid in instalments or must be paid in full on collection.

Other payments arrangements may be available for discussion.


Once the designer starts making your dress cancelations will not be accepted. You must be 100% certain you are happy with the designs.

Unfortunately if the consumer’s event is cancelled for any reason, the balance becomes payable immediately.

Refund and Exchange Policy

Consumers can claim a refund if goods are faulty as it is stated under the Sale of Goods act 1979. Custom-Fitted and collection dresses will not be refundable if the customer changes their mind.

It is the consumer responsibility to read these terms and conditions before going ahead.